Taking photos requires light, which is an unavoidable necessary condition. 

Without going into intricate details, when looking at photos, everyone should pay attention to whether the wrinkles on their faces are too clear. Of course, age and skincare are related, but have you ever thought that the ambient light around you is also one of the biggest culprits.

Unless the skin is as smooth as a newborn baby’s, any lines or wrinkles will either be emphasized or less noticeable under light.

So when taking selfies, remember to observe whether the surrounding ambient lighting is too strong. Avoid taking selfies indoors with concentrated lighting, such as spotlights. Similarly, avoid taking selfies outdoors during midday in places without any shade.A relatively better light source is one that is more diffused, scattered, and soft, which reduces the shadows on the face and makes wrinkles less noticeable. The best example of this is the light on a cloudy day.

Photographers observe these key points while shooting, in order to avoid spending a lot of time on post-processing. No photographer wants to spend a lot of time editing, they all hope to complete at least 80% of the pre-shot work, and ideally only need to make minimal adjustments during editing.Unless there are special circumstances, such as events or weddings. In these situations where restart is not possible, we often have to find the most appropriate way to capture the current moment, and then take the time to address any shortcomings.

The first time I visited the International Conference Center, I could tell that this building has some age just by looking at the lights. The lighting intensity was clearly insufficient, and the color temperature leaned towards warm tones. The lighting in the conference halls and corridors had different colors, and the corridor ceilings were low in height with a distinctive color.

In short, my process is to identify the problem and then find ways to address it. I surely wouldn’t want to turn a beautiful woman into an old lady.