What do you care most about in a wedding?


The process of every communication, this sentence is also a soul question and answer that I will definitely bring up, because it’s about what you want to see in the pictures I deliver to you.






Someone cares about pre-wedding photos, hoping to shoot whenever there is free time, preferably with as many photos as possible. They prefer a faster shooting speed because there is limited time to wear the wedding dress and there are many other processes and costs involved. They want to capture more moments of wearing the dress.

People care about their own families and hope to capture more precious moments with their loved ones. Some family members are rarely photographed, but when they are captured on camera, they tend to be dressed nicely and look better than their everyday selfies or casual attire.

Perhaps it is because older family members, such as grandparents, are getting up in age, and the time we can spend with them may be limited or even the last time we see them will be in heaven.

What matters is the long-lost classmates and old friends who haven’t seen each other for many years since leaving school, perhaps separated by decades. Their appearance may have changed dramatically, and they may have families and children. Some people even choose to have their wedding on the same day as the class reunion.

People care about their appearance, as they seek professional stylists and makeup artists, especially hoping to preserve the perfect makeup look.

Every matter that matters to you is important. You must talk to the photographer and explain that these things are important to you. Ask him to allocate more time for these matters. If everything is important, prioritize them by their significance.



A photographer is like another pair of eyes at your wedding, capturing moments and scenes you may not see while being occupied.

Like the ninjutsu ‘Shadow Clone’ in Naruto, it allows you to share the same perspective, eliminating the need to be physically present at the moment things happen. It also resembles the Stand ability ‘Time Stop’ of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Star Platinum, which enables you to freeze time at decisive moments.

These are just metaphors for the abilities of photographers, please do not mistake them for the ability to have clones or stop time. Although I believe photographers would wish to have these abilities, I also wish I could have them.


Newlyweds who usually hire me for their wedding photography care most about what they mentioned, and the scenes I capture the most during the wedding are not exactly the same but are over 90% similar.

One reason is because the imagery I convey in promoting my work is like this, and newbies naturally think that this type of imagery is what they value. On the other hand, when I meet them, I always confirm if these types of scenes that I capture are indeed what the newbies like.


Taking photographs is not just the responsibility of the photographer alone, but also the subject should let the photographer understand their preferences. The photographer only provides options for the subject to choose from, and they are not the ultimate decision-maker. At least the decision-making process is not entirely up to the photographer.

Although the subject does not determine the frame by pressing the shutter, they can communicate with the photographer before pressing the shutter to adjust the presentation of the frame based on the information obtained from their conversation.

The subject is the decision maker, although they don’t have complete control over the content of the shot. However, through conversations with the photographer, the final image can be presented as closely as possible to the subject’s ideal perspective, composition, color tone, etc.

In other words, the proportion of the subject must be greater than that of the photographer in making decisions, otherwise there is a high chance that the discrepancy in perceptions between both parties may result in a successful shoot but with the final image not meeting the subject’s requirements and ideals.


What do you care most about in a wedding?


The answer that I am most afraid and least want to hear is ‘I don’t know’.






Actually, even if I heard such an answer, 

it’s not a big deal. At least we started a conversation.

It’s not a big deal. Fortunately I brought up this question before shooting the wedding. Let’s figure out what matters to you together.

It’s not a big deal. It’s good. When you say you don’t know the meaning, it could also mean that you value everything, just don’t know how to prioritize. 

(The above reframing tip comes from Youtuber 歐耶老師.)


No matter what the problem is, communication is the most important thing. I believe that there is always a solution to any problem. If we haven’t found it yet, let’s find the answer together.

One person may be difficult, but two people may make it a little easier. Before finding the answer, at least there is someone who can comfort you and encourage you.