I won’t talk about taking photos with a camera here, let’s focus on taking them with a cellphone today.

When taking a group photo or a portrait with a mobile phone, I believe everyone would shout: One, two, three~ right?

The problem lies here. Would you wait until saying ‘three’ to press the shutter, or would you press it early? (You probably wouldn’t forget to press…right?)

I will press the shutter in advance, whether I am using a mobile phone or a camera for shooting.

The reasons are:

1. It allows me to take multiple shots.

2. It helps capture the highest or best moments of everyone’s emotions during the shoot.

3. It prevents everyone from feeling like they have to wait.

4. No issue of forgetting to press the shutter or pressing the wrong position.

The above are the tips for taking group photos, quite simple right? Indeed, they are because these are the final stages of the shooting process. It just appears easy and simple when mentioned separately.

What are the pre-shooting preparations that photographers do before pressing the shutter button, which others may not see or be aware of?

Pay attention to the subject’s attire, appearance, if the camera lens covers everyone, the lighting and angle settings, adjust the posture if needed, adjust individual positions if there are too many people, remove any clutter on the person, ground, or background, ensure the camera is level, and check if the camera shutter and aperture settings are correct,the correct placement of the camera during shooting, as well as the subject’s emotions and smile.

All of the above need to be done or adjusted within one minute (or even shorter).

Someone might wonder why they haven’t seen me adjusting or they didn’t feel it for a long time. The reason is that when I engage in these activities, I simultaneously talk to the person being photographed. By focusing on my conversation, you don’t pay attention to the length of the wait.

In short, just remember one thing – don’t wait for the countdown to finish before clicking.