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Should you hire a wedding photographer?


This question is probably not something many people are willing to discuss, especially professionals in the field. I believe the majority would rather not open up this topic because the eventual outcome is likely to lead towards an answer of not needed.


I’m not saying I’m not afraid (in fact, I’m very scared inside), but I believe isn’t understanding needs from a fundamental level a basic thing? When did this question become something that doesn’t need to be explored or discussed?

Remember the problem-solving process I mentioned before? Encounter the problem, face the problem, solve the problem. Problems won’t disappear if we don’t discuss or explore them. Only by having the courage to confront them and finding ways to address them can we achieve the best solution.


Simply put, if you have no ideas, opinions, or preferences, there is no need to find a wedding or bridal photographer.




It is normal to have no ideas before looking for a photographer, and this is the time to search for relevant information. I did not say that you must find a photographer to shoot. At this stage, what you need to do is to make sure if you consider a photographer important or not. The focus is on determining your thoughts, not on finding a photographer.

Through your search process, you can see various photographers, different shooting styles, information about wedding gowns and weddings, and learn from those who have experienced getting married, having their wedding photos taken, and planning a wedding.

All these processes are about making decisions: whether you choose to go through this stage in your life, whether you decide to keep these memories, and whether you determine if the process can be smooth and satisfying.





It is very difficult and painful just to figure out your own thoughts because there are so many choices, much more than you expected.

(Of course, you can close your eyes, raise your thumb, have all your options on the table, and choose wherever your thumb points. It is also a method.)

At this point, using the elimination method would be a bit easier: compare your choices one by one, eliminate the unwanted ones until there are only a few or even one left.




The final result could also be zero, which means feeling that there is no need for a photographer or getting married, taking wedding photos, or having a wedding. Congratulations, you have escaped the suffering, please continue moving forward to the second half of your life.

Every person’s choice is deserving of respect, as long as it is made after careful consideration. Even if it is different from the majority and even if it means choosing not to hire a photographer, is it important?

The importance should be determined by the individuals themselves, rather than being influenced by the opinions and emotional blackmail of friends, family, and gossipers.

From the perspective of a photographer, I can only provide options for individuals to make their own decisions, rather than making decisions for them. The person’s life is not for the photographer to decide, nor is it something the photographer should decide.

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Life must be decided by oneself, as only oneself is accountable.


If you truly make a decision and are willing to find a photographer to shoot, it will still be the beginning of another painful journey or facing numerous choices.

At this time, every stage is about exploring oneself, understanding oneself. When you are clear about your needs, thoughts, preferences, and burdens, the process of making choices will be much shorter and it will be easier to find the decision that you consider to be the most ideal.

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Photography has come a long way since the invention of the first photograph in 1826. Over the years, there have been constant changes and improvements in shooting methods, styles, and mediums. As a result, the choices available have become increasingly diverse. When it comes to wedding photography, every photographer has their own unique style, approach, and preferences.

What does the term ‘photography style’ mean to you? I have previously discussed it on my blog, and you can take a look to see my simple way of sharing my thoughts.

Relatively speaking, everyone has different preferences when it comes to shooting style and approach. Photographers use their experience to bring your ideas to life, so it takes a bit of time and effort to find the ideal person in your mind.

Looking back, without any thoughts, there won’t naturally be the subsequent processes of finding a photographer, shooting the wedding, and choosing wedding dresses, because actions occur after thoughts are generated.

In other words, if you hire a photographer for something that you don’t consider important, the outcome could go in an unpredictable direction, possibly good but more likely not good. Is it any different from gambling?

(Although it is possible that you truly believe that photographers are important, but still encounter the wrong photographer, I will discuss this topic separately later.)




In short, there is no need to have a herd mentality, nor is it advocating for not getting married. Rather, ask yourself what your inner response is to finding a photographer to shoot your wedding dress and wedding. Of course, you can also ask your partner’s opinion.

When I have no thoughts, I still seek someone to chat with and by summarizing their ideas, I am able to form my own thoughts.

Life doesn’t have only one path, just like photography doesn’t have only one method, and wedding dresses don’t have only the ways you’ve seen before. It can also be the image you have in your mind. The same goes for the process of a wedding ceremony.

(It seems that in the end, I still encourage everyone to take wedding photos and get married.)